Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat

Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat

Style: Unfiltered American Wheat
ABV 5.0%
IBU 20
Full Brew Birthday: March 2011
Interesting fact: The name of the farmer that grows our wheat is on every can: Bill Mai

Halcyon (hal-see-on) is an unapologetic American-style wheat beer with a taste like the finest days of summer. Our brewery is situated on the buckle of the “wheat-belt”, so this beer means something special to us. Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat is the result of our Midwestern angst, an all-American wheat with real Kansas-grown grain in the brew.

We start with raw Kansas white wheat in the mix to give it a nice edge,but what really makes it shine is the hops. We use "hop-bursting" of Citra Hops late in the brewing process and this gives Halcyon a palate of tropical fruit flavors & aromas with a bright and refreshing taste like the best days of summer. (swimmin’ hole and inner tube sold seperately)

malt: 2-Row Barley, White Wheat, Munich
hops: Nugget, Citra

Homebrewers! – The pro kit to make this beer is available from our friends at Northern Brewer

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